Marketing & Campaigns

With guts, creativity and distinctive character

We realise your marketing objectives with guts, creativity and distinctive character. Using a clear and creative concept, we reach your target group with communications that trigger them. We realise a concept that sticks with people, challenges them to take action or immediately illustrates the benefits it can offer them. Our work ranges from traditional campaigns such as radio, TV, billboards, flyers and magazines to outdoor campaigns, commercials and digital online campaigns.

Creative concepts

We can reach your desired target group both on- and offline with our well-thought-out and unique concepts. Traditional marketing and digital marketing can be deployed separately or together to reinforce each other significantly. One of Brandcode’s campaigns, designed to prevent car theft, utilised an integrated on- and offline approach. To promote a prominent stand at an international trade show, we mostly relied on eye-catching offline communications.


Media strategy

Once our creative concepts have been approved, we will get to work on the execution. What channels should we use to reach the target group optimally? This choice depends on the budget, the goal and the organisation itself. For local organisations, we will utilise a different media strategy than for international organisations.

“We develop successful campaigns by listening to our client, accommodating the target group, developing creative concepts and distributing these in a smart manner and via the right channels.”

SEO and SEA campaigns

Brandcode uses SEO to optimise websites and help them achieve a higher organic position in Google’s search results. With our SEA campaigns, we make sure organisations attain a high rank in Google’s positions in a short period of time. These are paid campaigns. With the right combination of SEO and SEA, we realise improved brand recognition, more website traffic and a higher chance of generating qualitative leads.

Content marketing

We use content marketing to create relevant and valuable content for the target group. We write content in the form of blogs, whitepapers, SEO pages, news reports and articles. Additionally, we offer professional video marketing services to create a stronger brand experience and dynamic, effectively reach the target group and inspire the right emotions.

Successful campaigns

To date, Brandcode has already developed a significant number of successful on- and offline campaigns. We do this by listening to our client, accommodating the target group, developing creative concepts and distributing these in a smart manner and via the right channels. The results include improved brand recognition and appreciation, more website traffic and new customers.

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In addition to Marketing & Campaigns, we can also help you with:

Visual Identity & Design

The Brand Identity represents what you stand for as a company, who you want to be and the image you project.

Digital Design & Development

Brandcode develops clear designs and digital solutions that add value for our clients.