Suitable illustrations

A renowned motorcycling trade magazine is looking for suitable illustrations for a monthly blog. The organisation wants to use the 12 blogs to engage the readers in the world of lobbying in political The Hague.

Client: KNMV – Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association

“Brandcode approached the original request from a completely different angle. The result is a more efficient structure and better end results.”

Tom Schutte
Manager Creative

Creative process

The client had an idea about having recognisable illustrations made that would accompany a column. However, the available budget was not sufficient to make suitable illustrations throughout the year. Illustrations are generally speaking quite costly and time-consuming. Photographs are relatively cheaper, quicker to achieve, and lend themselves to editing to create suitable illustrations. Do we have a motorcyclist in our team? Check! With his own motorbike? No. Solution? Within our network? Yes! Double-check!

Photoshoot at well-known locations in The Hague

The day of the shoot: our colleague motorcyclist wears a black waistcoat, jeans, retro helmet and huge aviators. In short: a matching, dandy look. Our photographer captured the perfect images at well-known locations in The Hague – with a political twist, of course.

Thanks to the varying locations, the organisation was able to achieve 12 suitable images for the monthly blog in just one day, all to engage the readers in the world of lobbying in political The Hague.

Stunning black-and-white illustrations

A full day of photography and photo editing delivers the black-and-white illustrations the client wanted. The style of the images can be used to create a look for other communications. With a small budget, the client still achieved a year’s worth of professional images for their monthly blogs.


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