The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) has asked Brandcode to assist with the development of an international knowledge platform. The online platform is designed to help European partners get in touch with each other and share their knowledge related to the field of sustainable packaging. The knowledge developed in the Netherlands, for example, can then also be put to good use in other European countries.

“With a focus on the user experience, combined with a sleek and intuitive design, Brandcode’s team created a platform that we – and our client – deserve to be proud of.”

Brandon de la Parra

Own identity

Together with KIDV, we opted for the name PackForward. This formed our jumping-off point for the platform’s logo and style elements. The logo has its own identity and its responsive design ensures it can be used on different screen sizes. The platform’s colour scheme is modern and fresh. In short: the perfect ingredients for a sleek website.

The user experience comes first

After several brainstorming sessions with the client, Brandcode conducted an in-depth study of target groups and personas. With the results of the study, we created a UX design with a focus on logic and clear routing. With a focus on the user experience, combined with a sleek and intuitive design, our developers created a platform that we – and our client – deserve to be proud of.

Interaction and networking

Users can register as participants on the platform. This allows us to create an online community of e.g. packaging experts, knowledge institutions and importers from all over Europe. To present the vast quantity of available information in a clear manner, the content is divided into a number of themes and subthemes. Within each theme, users can access publications and projects and seek interaction with partners working on that specific theme. This stimulates interaction between the platform’s users.

Solving challenges

There are many questions related to sustainability and packaging. The PackForward website is the perfect place to ask these questions. Packaging organisations and experts affiliated with the platform will respond to these questions and, if possible, present their own answers or solutions. Visitors of the website can consult the questions and their answers.

Match & Pack

Following its initial release, the development of the platform is not over. To further expand the platform’s interaction opportunities, we worked together with KIDV to develop a campaign that allows users to upload a video of their packaging challenge. Other participants can submit their solutions to the challenges and if a good match is found, the parties involved are brought together. This creates a lively online community on the platform.

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