Enticing visitors

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a world leader in science, with more than 70,000 employees. The company helps clients accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics, market medicinal products, and enhance laboratory productivity. The company has a stand at the ESHG event every year. Brandcode anticipates how the visitor can be enticed to visit the stand. We do this by envisioning and devising a concept, 3D design, related communications, design, a catalogue and interactive media.

“The stand was a true experience for visitors this year. They could even produce their own music. It turned out to be a real hit.”

Maarten Breumelhof
Manager Digital

Attracting attention and generating leads

The aim is to present the new instrument to as many visitors as possible, to share stories, to exchange knowledge and to generate leads. This year, the concept was to be aligned with the launch of a new instrument. After the final concept was decided, the layout of the stand was designed using 3D rendering: Giving the client a preview of the stand at the trade show. There will be a Brandcode team member available throughout the trade show to help set up and to offer support during the event.

Producing live music

The new instrument has a central position on the stand. It omits various sounds, much like it could be used to create a song. From this flowed the idea to install a beat machine: people who visited the stand were able to make live music. A DJ was present all week to help the visitors with the creative process. The visitors could send the musical end result to their e-mail address to listen again later. The sound was turned up just right, attracting lots of attention.

A healthy, clean and safe world

Possibilities are endless thanks to digital content and touch screens. The interactive aspect draws many visitors every year. Brandcode is convinced everyone benefits, especially within the context of Thermo Fischer’s valuable mission: enabling clients to make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place.

Recognisable look and ambiance

The stand turned out excellent. Brandcode developed the graphics, a trade show tote in the shape of a vinyl, branding, banners, creative goodies, interactive media and other associated communication resources. Every single item supported the concept, lending a great recognisable uniformity across the entire trade show.

VIP invitations for beatmakers

We organised a party on the last day of the trade show. Each visitor who had produced a beat received a VIP invitation. The party featured a DJ, who combined his playlist with beats created by the visitors. Not everyone was a natural but – judging by the reactions – it was a roaring success.


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