Concept, strategy
and implementation

We were asked by Dr2 to join the thought-sharing process on the concept, strategy and implementation of the opening of new Coca-Cola premises in Rotterdam. There was also a wish to work with urban artists: Freestyle artists with impressive talent for jumping, cycling and climbing, or amazing football skills

Client: Dr2 Events & Campaigns

“Brandcode brought a dazzling opening of a our new premises. The concept and implementation were presented in perfect harmony.”

Jimmy Thepass
Photo / Videographer


Coca-Cola’s wish was to incorporate iconic buildings in Rotterdam in the concept. We quickly came up with the idea to make Coca-Cola emerge gradually in the shape of the Rotterdam skyline. We filmed the artists at iconic buildings, such as the Erasmus bridge and the Euromast. We shot short and fast clips, with editing to ensure their movements were shadowed by the red Coca-Cola energy.

From edit to
live direction

After the clip was showcased, the street artists entered the new building one by one. Their acrobatic skills created the right ambiance and experience immediately. Video direction took over a live feed from the presented clip and at the same time, the artist pressed a button, Beaming the artist with the iconic building in the background directly to the large screen. The skyline came into focus.

Opening by
the mayor

After all the artists had arrived, the skyline was almost complete: time for the director of Coca-Cola and the mayor to enter the stage. It was their turn to press the special button. This button was situated on a pillar designed by us, with a large Coca-Cola bottle inside. The last manoeuvre placed the iconic Coca-Cola bottle in the skyline, among the icons of Rotterdam. Dr2 had devised and organised various activities in the building for after the official opening. Brandcode looked after suitable signs to complement these activities.

Cold Coke!

Beforehand, we criss-crossed Rotterdam for stunning recordings with urban artists to provide the live feed during the show. The video was part of the official opening of the new premises. As well as the concept, we also looked after the recordings, editing, stage design and the LED screen content, and signage. Time for a delicious cold Coke!


+James, the super- smart assistant