Improving feedback

Can I app a minute with you so I can give you some feedback? Brandcode was asked by the VUMC Amsterdam if we could get involved in the feedback improvement process related to interns, junior doctors and the client. The end goal: optimisation of the learning process.

Client: UMC Amsterdam

“The success of the app has meant that other departments within the hospital have also started working with the Feedback App.”

Maarten Breumelhof
Manager Digital

Team of specialists

A Brandcode team of specialists developed the app. There was continuous harmonisation with the end users throughout the build process. After all, the end users are ideally placed to know about needs, requirements and the applications that be most useful in a hectic work environment. The app has enabled more efficient feedback, with time savings for employees.

The build phase resulted in Brandcode devising a hands-on feedback application that is practical and quick to use in the workplace. The application can be used by doctors, nurses and interns or junior doctors to provide feedback in a quicker and more efficient way. Very useful, as feedback is a crucial aspect of ensuring the best possible learning results within the VUMC.

The Feedback App

Before, team members would just tell each other ‘you’re doing a good job’ or ‘maybe you could do this better’; often incomplete comments that did not yield the best results for the learning process. The new application prevents the above. Now feedback can be provided in a specific and efficient manner.

The Feedback App is available on Android and Apple in a Cross Platform Framework. This means the app only has to be developed once to work on both systems, saving money on development and maintenance costs in the long term. The VUMC is also able to manage and structure the app entirely independently, by way of an online control environment. The application is fast, simple and secure.

Improving medical care

The success of the app has meant that other departments within the hospital have also started working with the Feedback App. Brandcode continues to play an active role in optimisation of the app, together with the VUMC. Brandcode is proud that the application of this e-health technology contributes to the improvement of medical care.


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