Unique concept

Brandcode was commissioned by ROC Mondriaan and mboRijnland to develop the website for Blue School. Blue School is a unique concept of learning, working and sharing knowledge. Close collaboration throughout the project and various brainstorming sessions with the client have resulted in an amazing final product. Blue School now has a fast, secure and sleek SEO website.

“Visuals can make or break a website, which is why Brandcode also handled the photography for the Blue School website.”

Tom Schutte
Manager Creative

Website with a fresh look

The website had to appeal to a diverse audience, ranging from (potential) students and entrepreneurs to partners and shopping consumers. Faced with this wide target group, it was a challenge to optimise the website for all visitors. We managed to pull this off by implementing a smart page layout. Visitors intuitively understand where they need to go. The website also has a fresh look and the tone of voice of its content is tailored to the target group.

Online shopping

The website is linked to its own webshop. This webshop is maintained by entrepreneurs and students. The online shop, in turn, is linked to the checkout system of the Blue School Store. This also makes it possible to track key statistics. The website was developed in WordPress to allow students to maintain it themselves.

Proprietary visuals

Visuals can make or break a website. In addition to designing and developing the website, Brandcode therefore also handled the photography of the Blue School Store in the Mall of the Netherlands. Proprietary photography was complemented with stock images. The importance of strong photography is often underestimated. It makes a website look professional, authentic and unique. We work with in-house photographers, which gives us the flexibility we need.

Keyword study + SEO content

To make sure the website can be found easily, we conducted a keyword study beforehand. This lets us know exactly which relevant search terms we should focus on for Blue School. It also ensures the website is easy to find in Google. That leads to more traffic and more conversion opportunities. The website pays special attention to the Open Days. The ultimate goal is to get as many students as possible excited about the most amazing study programme in the Netherlands.

Shop of the future

The classroom is the Blue School Store in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands. Lecturers from ROC Mondriaan and mboRijnland and local entrepreneurs are there to assist students with their development into the retail professionals of the future. During the study programme, students learn all they need to know about the newest shopping method, with a focus on experience and technology. After obtaining their Manager Retail diploma, they are ready for the shop of the future!

Curious? Check out blueschool.nl


Moving forward