Knowledge app

The Ministry of Finance has asked Brandcode to offer advice on how to present information for its staff in a more appealing and accessible manner. The elaborate handbook, with a large amount of text, has to be turned into an accessible and stimulating tool that facilitates knowledge sharing.

After a number of intensive brainstorming sessions, it was decided to develop a Native app. This allows employees to study the extensive material – handily divided into themes – in an appealing manner, take tests and achieve high scores!

“Instead of studying large amounts of text, employees can now periodically study the themes, take a test and aim for a high score.”

Brandon de la Parra

Offering new themes periodically

To make the vast quantity of material easier to grasp, it was decided to make new themes, chapters and topics available periodically. In collaboration with the client, a mobile-friendly Native app was developed to facilitate this. Employees of the Audit Department (ACD) can log in at any time via any device, choose what material they wish to study and immediately take an online exam. Once an employee feels they have mastered the material, they can swipe right to start the exam. If they want to know more, they can swipe left to access more information about the topic at hand.

Motivational and valuable information

The exams are presented in the form of a series of multiple-choice questions. Afterwards, the results are available instantly. Who achieved the highest score? Employees enjoy the competitive aspect of it, while valuable information is collected at the management level. Management can review the teams’ results per theme and per question. If the scores for a specific theme fail to meet expectations, management can e.g. decide to offer additional training or workshops.

Agile collaboration with the client

Using the agile method, we started with a design sprint. We developed a clear product vision and built an initial prototype. After testing and refining the prototype, an extensive list of user stories was put on the backlog. Next, we began prioritising the things that the initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product) would need.

The client was closely involved in this project. Everything was conceived beforehand, tested and optimised. We quickly developed a suitable foundation to build on. The app is user-friendly and accessible and has an intuitive design and a modern appearance.

The national government’s security guidelines

The app has to meet the government’s strict guidelines. Security in particular is an important requirement. That is quite a challenge, given the list of requirements the app has to meet, but we are happy take on that challenge with Brandcode. Once the app was developed, the government’s own internal security experts conducted an audit in the form of a pen test. This is a test designed to expose the app’s vulnerabilities. In the end, the knowledge app’s security proved to be airtight and in compliance with all requirements.

Improved quality policy with the ACD knowledge app

At the moment, we are constantly conducting maintenance and rolling out security updates. In the near future, the app’s development will continue and new features such as push notifications will be added. This will make it even easier to inform and stimulate employees. With the help of the ACD knowledge app, the national government is well on its way towards an improved quality policy.


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