Digital platform

The James Company asked us a questions which seemed simple at first: is it possible to build a digital platform that allows us to offer our online convenience services to the occupants in our properties? Ranging from access to rental documents and a moving house service to ordering a driver or bespoke flooring. All in just a few clicks.

Client: The James Company

“We used well-thought-out system architecture to create a future-proof foundation ready for further development over the coming years.”

Brandon de la Parra

State-of-the-art technological product

A question that led to the birth of our James®. Our team of consultants, developers and designers succeeded in creating a state-of-the-art technological product. The original CMS did not suffice for James® as it did not offer the desired level of dynamics and customisation.

Our team built a new platform based on the Symfony framework, suitable for dynamic order processes and third-party services. The order process and bookings and linked to E-commerce systems and payment systems. In addition, Brandcode developed a native Android and iOS application that is closely interwoven with the website yet offers extra options such as push notifications.

Customisation for each apartment

Example: one of the services on offer by James® is a floor service. A few clicks and the resident is provided with a bespoke flooring quotation for one or more rooms in his or her apartment. To make this seemingly simple service possible, we needed to clear some complex technical hurdles,

because the application contains all measurements of all rooms and apartments in a building. The occupant logs in, James® has the details of the relevant apartment and uses the home’s specific measurements to provide an immediate quotation straight from the flooring company. In short: genuine customisation for each apartment.

Concierge of the future

The platform was built using the highest standards for security, scalability and white label: with the option to configure to individual house-style and layout. The James Company now offers the online portal and digital personal assistant James® in more than 20 buildings. At Brandcode, we continue to develop and improve the service-oriented James®. He is the concierge of the future and an absolute added pitching value to The James Company. And the bonus is that residents are very happy with our James®!


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