Eventleader’s “dress code”

Eventleader’s event software takes you on a journey into the dynamic world of events. From registration on the platform to webcasting, from creating live polls to a virtual convention floor and meeting people in 3D; the possibilities of the platform are endless and fully tailored to the client’s needs. Brandcode has developed this unique software from the ground up and given it its own “dress code.”

“Eventleader was realised entirely under one roof. Our entire team – from developers to designers – worked together to develop a unique software package for the event sector.”

Brandon de la Parra

From concept to fully developed software

From the initial concept, Brandcode’s team has developed the event software into a full-service platform. The platform is our response to the changing demand from the market; from physical to online events. The software’s various features add immense value to events. Meanwhile, we continue to work on the software’s further development. There is a reason why we opted for the name “Eventleader.” Our joint ambition is to maintain our prominent position in the event market.

Creativity meets technology

During the development process, Brandcode’s creative geniuses began working on a distinctive branding. From a strong logo to the right tone of voice and from clear navigation to a creative design. Brandcode also handled the videos, photography and look and feel of the platform. The specialists in our team carefully coordinated all the various elements to form a cohesive whole. This makes Eventleader a prime example of the magic that can happen when technical developers and creative designers work together.

Clear and intuitive design

Many people are still finding their way around the market of online events and its possibilities. We have therefore opted for a user-friendly design. Our UX designer came up with a clear navigation structure beforehand. Visitors will therefore intuitively understand what the logical steps of navigating the website are. Features are highlighted, for example, to allow visitors to quickly assess the benefits and possibilities.

Security and privacy

In addition to the features, security and privacy are key concerns for Eventleader. Our developers therefore employed the “privacy by default” concept during development. This gives visitors the option to have their name kept off the list of participants during registration. We also have automatic procedures in place to ensure that participants’ data are deleted once the event is over. These measures are there to make using Eventleader as safe and privacy-friendly as possible.

Eventleader live

Behind the scenes, we are continuing our work on the development of Eventleader. In addition to online and hybrid events, Eventleader also targets live events. The software adds value there as well, e.g. during the registration process. The unique power of live events will never go away.


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