Open-source platform

Codema is an international organisation that develops tailor-made essential horticultural solutions. The company strives to improve its clients’ operational efficiency with regard to six key disciplines: water management, climate control, technology and construction, cultivation systems, electrical engineering and lighting and software & internet solutions. It asked Brandcode to develop an efficient client portal.

“Together with Symfony, one of the largest open-source PHP players on the market, we realised an efficient tailor-made solution for Codema.”

Maarten Breumelhof
Manager Digital

Optimisation of the order process

The handling that begins when a client places an order used to be a time-consuming process for Codema. It was sometimes quite a challenge to find the right products for each client, especially when the article number was missing. The optimisation of the order process has made finding products easier, faster and more efficient. Among other things, a database was developed for each client. Their past orders are still accessible and they are now linked to the relevant products.

In the future, we will set up the products per system. The client lets us know what system they have and will only be shown products that are relevant to them. This allows clients to order the products they want, including any related products, with just a few clicks. For Codema, the order-handling process has been greatly simplified.

Requesting maintenance online

By automating the processes involved, it takes less time for clients to order new products. For example, clients can schedule the delivery of spare components and specify the location where they need the products, which ensures these components are delivered to the right location on time. If a client needs more information about installations, they can download the relevant PDF file directly from the website.

Off to a great start with Sylius

A custom open-source e-commerce platform Sylius was used to realise the optimisation of the order process. This platform runs on Symfony, a framework based on PHP. With Brandcode, we can develop fast and reliable tailor-made web applications.

These offer the client more flexibility and significant cost savings. Furthermore, we can test, debug and document everything in detail before going live. We can configure the framework entirely according to preference. Other benefits of Symfony include the speed, reliability and security of the platform.

Scalable cloud environment

The server runs on a scalable cloud environment. Once the number of website visitors hits a peak, the server automatically scales up accordingly. If the number of visitors is lower, the server scales down. This ensures the server is utilised efficiently and it eliminates downtime.

10,000 products added

In total, nearly 10,000 products have already been imported. Codema now uses a professional dashboard that provides insight into sales figures, clients, orders, etcetera. In the future, new products can be added with ease. The client searches for products by name or article number and can place new orders in no time. The statistics are measured, which lets us analyse whether there is an increase in the order value per client.


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