Kiwa house-style

Kiwa is among the global top 20 of companies working on testing, inspection and certification (TIC). This successful organisation has acquired many competitors over the last few years. Positive news, but it meant Kiwa had to deal with a great variety of communications. Brandcode was asked to create a unified style: one Kiwa.

“Each country uses the elements designed by Brandcode. It means Kiwa exudes a unified look across the world.”

Onno Schaap
Creative Director

Complex and
challenging task

Brandcode was asked to rejuvenate the logo, the house-style and the visual identifiers. A complex task, due to the different countries, cultures and preferences. The management team in the Netherlands expressed a wish for retaining the well-known beaver in the logo. What’s more, the logo and style had to be broad-based – this was important,

with or without keeping the beaver.

We used the various styles to develop a single recognisable style that took into account the diversity of requirements and expectations. With small nuances and a familiar nod to the old style, but also with a completely new approach. Designs were created that either clearly showed the beaver or partially showed the beaver, and designs that did not feature the beaver at all.

Presenting designs

The management team was included in the design process at an early stage. After gathering a broad array of designs, we started funnelling ideas. The resulting designs were presented to the marketing department in the Netherlands and abroad. It is important to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet when working on change projects. Eventually, a final style and new logo were selected that still included the beaver.

Clearly defined global image

Brandcode rolled all manner of items in the new style, for each country – even China. We used an online portal with a house-style handbook full of basic elements and templates. The handbook contains all guidelines for design and layout. Every country uses the elements, ensuring Kiwa exudes a unified look across the world, Evoking tremendous image recognition and familiarity among the target group.

Video and content production approach

Further development of the resources is ongoing even at present. Brandcode genuinely acts as an extension to Kiwa’s internal marketing department: Strategically proactive, with communicative implementation. Right now, we are designing a unified style for video and content productions.


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